3 Self-defense Add-ons For That apple iphone

The Famous Knucklecase

I believe that famous because once this type of accessory can get to the hands of stars like Beyonce, Alicia Secrets and Megan Fox, it truly cannot have a very lower status. It’s basically an apple apple iphone bumper with knuckles on a single for yellows.

The first Knucklecase is built of aluminum, which causes it to be highly resilient. However, don’t think “violence” because its makers condition it absolutely was designed becoming an apple apple iphone handle and zilch more. Should you decide to pursue other activities from it, is entirely your individual responsibility.

The Knucklecase doesn’t come affordable. The apple apple iphone 4 & 4s compatible versions cost from 39 to 49$ as well as the 5 & 5s versions will be in the 120-125$ range.

The Yellow Jacket

Once the Knucklecase doesn’t really appear as a good self-defense solution (unless of course obviously you’ve some training because matter) wait ’till the truth is the Yellow Jacket. It’s a 650.000 volts stun gun that may anyway stop your offender temporarily and let you run for that existence or use that energy to supply your phone an entire recharge.

The Yellow Jacket is not some fancy accessory, so they come in a significant comprehensive manual an online-based training are provided for correct use. If you undertake to give it a try understand that the Yellow Jacket adds some serious weight for the apple apple iphone. It’s a hate it or enjoy it kind of situation.

Also, putting it together to fit your apple apple iphone is not easy, requiring a bit of strength and a lot of persistence. Listed at 99$, the Yellow Jacket is presently accessible in multiple colors for apple apple iphone 4 & 4s, with new models compatible for apple apple iphone 5 & 5s additionally to Samsung World scheduled to achieve soon.


A substitute for weaponize your apple apple iphone is adding a pepper spray in it. SmartGuard can be a situation holding just a little canister of pepper spray, which you’ll want to quickly release and rehearse when you’re getting difficulties.

Wartrol goes to date as 5 foot, irritating your attacker’s eyes, skin and breathing. It’s less violent in comparison to Yellow Jacket, but many likely more effective at debilitating someone. The canister is very easy to remove and make the situation so as extended as is available your phone in handy you’ll have the ability to put it to use in just a few seconds.

Sure you can aquire a normal pepper spray, but that certain has an additional benefit, besindes getting the opportunity to allow it to be installed on your phone: it seems harmless enough to ensure that your assailant will likely be not aware before you decide to spray him while using 10% Oleoresin Capsicum solution.

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